The Wackiest Back to the Future Fan Theories

Fan theories.  You have to love them, right?  Whenever a great franchise is created, there is a busy-fingered group of anoraks waiting in the wings to stretch out the immortality just a little longer.  And there are fan theories for everything from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones.  So, it stands to reason that the wacky time travel trilogy has spurred a few keyboard warriors into action.

So, we have compiled a few of the best and wackiest Back to the Future fan theories for you to enjoy.

The franchise is just a metaphor for bow-chikka-wow-wow

It might seem a little Freudian, but there is a rampant fan theory that says that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale wrote the screenplay as a metaphor for sexual reproduction.  That’s right everybody, Back to the Future is apparently all about making babies.

Apparently, they have a lot in common.  For instance, the flux capacitor looks not unlike a womb.  The time machine requires a man to enter it to begin the process; and the events cooked up throughout the course of time travel birth different versions of people in the future.

Oh and the whole thing has been supervised by a doctor.

It does sound a bit wacky that the producers would have written Back to the Future as a metaphor for sexual reproduction, but there are a lot of fans out there that can’t get past the similarities.

Marty’s meddling made Jennifer look different in the future

As you discerning time travelling film connoisseurs have no doubt noticed, they recast Jennifer for the second and third films.  And fans have theories about that.

It wasn’t because Claudia Wells declined to reprise the role after her mother fallen ill.  Oh no, that isn’t why Elizabeth Shue took the role on.  The fans know better than that.

What actually happened, according to the anorak brigade is that Jennifer looks different in the second and third instalments because Marty accidentally made minor changes to her parent’s future when he went back in time.

You see, when Marty travels back in time he nearly destroys the chain of events leading to his parents falling in love.  As such, he sees himself and his siblings disappearing from a family photo.  Of course, we know that this is because they wouldn’t exist if George and Lorraine don’t meet and fall in love.  Fans have applied the same logic to the significant metamorphosis Jennifer undergoes between the first and the second movies.

I mean, let’s completely ignore the fact that Marty didn’t meet or have any significant impact on the lives of Jennifer’s parents in 1955.  Right?

The McFly’s knew Marty’s little secret

Even as a kid I wondered how Marty got away with it all.  I mean, if I were George, and my son turned out looking exactly like the guy who I made friends with back in 1955 I would have at least called Jeremy Kyle for a DNA test.  However, fans thought that George wasn’t all that stupid.

Yes, he worked it all out.

He wouldn’t have missed 30 years of clues.  Not least that his visit from an alien involved two of the largest space franchises of all time, coming home to a burned carpet, and the words of Calvin Klein reminding him to go easy on the boy.

Of course, George never told Marty as he needed him to go back in time in the exact same way.  But didn’t stop him rewarding him with a nice big truck as a thank you.

Doc Brown was suicidal

For this fan theory to work, we are going to completely ignore the bulletproof vest that Doc Brown wore after reading the letter from Marty in 1955.  What we are going to do is fixate on Doc Brown stepping directly in front of a DeLorean travelling at 88 mph.#

You see, the only way that he wouldn’t have become Doc Brown paste was if his experiment had succeeded and the car vanishes.  But, a little while earlier Doc was musing over all his experiments being disappointing.  Some fans think that, given Doc Brown’s proclivity towards a lack of confidence in his own abilities, his standing in front of the car appears to be a death wish.

Wrapping up

I love a good fan theory.  They tickle the geek in me that took me to study English at University.  And although they can be fun, and often they can be presented in a very compelling manner, they are often flawed.  But they are not supposed to be bulletproof.

They are just supposed to keep the franchises alive.  They add to the hype, they make you want to watch them all again.

What are your favourite fan theories?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below.

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